March 3, 2021

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OLLU recognizes Henrietta Lacks for dreamweek.

Gabriel Torres

This Dreamweek Our Lady of the Lake and University of the Incarnate Word hosted a special event to commemorate Henrietta Lacks. Lacks was a mother of five diagnosed with cervical cancer who went for a surgery to remove the tumor from her cervices. Doctors then sent her cells to a research lab without her knowledge and consent, and the cells continuing growing instead of dying. Her cells, commonly referred to as HeLa cells have made medical breakthroughs in the study of herpes, leukemia, influenza, hemophilia, Parkinson’s disease and more illnesses.

The Dreamweek event focused on the 2010 novel “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” written by freelance science writer Rebecca Skloot. The novel focused on Lacks family and what they have been through after Lacks 1951 death.

McNair Scholar Love Rodriguez attended the event. “I loved the speakers. I read the book and I loved it. I think more people need to read the book and really listen to the story,” Rodriguez said.

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