Students at our lady of the lake have made it evident the frustrations of this way of life since the pandemic started, students must always wear a mask when on campus and must have their temperature checked before setting foot into any building. Students have compared this way of life as “unreal”. The pandemic has caused a lot of change and the fact there is no time scale for when everything will go back to normal has caused a lot of anxiety within the student life at our lady of the lake university. Cameron fields who is a student athlete expressed how he felt about the situation portraying how he wants change. “I think protocols needs to end because the virus is fake and is strategic plan for the upcoming elections, I am not allowed to workout at all because the times that the gym is open is at the time I have class which is unfair to me and unfair my family making a sacrifice for me to attend school” the pandemic has raised a lot of suspicions with regards to conspiracies on whether it’s a real virus and if its as deadly as what its portrayed to be. Whether or not change would be made is what the students at our lady of the lake university seek to find.

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our lady of the lake university student wearing mask for social distancing

The pandemic is putting a lot of stress on college students at our lady of the lake university, which has led to a lot of worry and concern. College students attending our lady of the lake university are facing difficult decisions about the current fall semester especially in a time of serious uncertainty which covid 19 has brought. In regard to other universities some have decided to start a remote semester. Some universities have opened campus with restrictions and precautions set in place such as our lady of the lake university.

Various students are raising the question on whether they value a online education and the major concern of getting the full experience of campus life on a actual university campus without restrictions. Speaking with our lady of the lake university student Amber Manyose spoke about her frustration with regards to planning around the pandemic’s major effects. “its just a big issue with the fact that not being able to build relationships with other students and even being able to build with professors is hard. Because I am on of those students work better with people and being able to physically talk to other students and professors is a big help for me and plays a huge role in my grades because I get a better understanding but this pandemic has changed that for the first time ever in my life so it’s definitely a big change to adjust to”.

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