By: Elyssa Tijerina

San Antonio- It seems that students living on campus at Our Lady of the Lake University have a garbage problem, and if students continue to ignore the rules residents who are caught leaving trash in the incorrect areas will be forced to face the consequences.

A number of OLLU students currently living on campus have been leaving trash around the dorms. This behavior can turn into a hazard not only for other residents and visitors, and potentially attract rodents, roaches, and other small critters. In an attempt to resolve the issue students were sent e-mails by OLLU faculty in response to the amount of trash left around the dorms informing the residents about the dangers of leaving trash where it doesn’t belong.

“The campus is very beautiful and not everyone is seeing the value of the school,” second year resident Leilah Tokmehdash said.

Students who continue to dispose of trash outside their door or near the entrance of the Lake View apartments find themselves charged with a $100 fine. First year RA Katie Shamy explained that the costly fee is only a “warning,” but added that repeat offenders “can be removed out of the campus.”

For students living in Flores and Centennial, residents were instructed not to put their trash in the small bins near the dorms, since the bins are intended to store small trash. Similarly, residents of the Lake View apartments were asked not to leave their garbage bags around the front of the apartments or outside their doors. Instead, students living in Lake View were asked to dispose of their trash in the dumpsters located at the back of their buildings to ensure the utmost health and safety of those living in the buildings.

Both Shamy and Tokmehdash advised students to create a schedule with their roommates to take out the trash at least once a week. However if residents own a car, they are encouraged to dispose of their trash in dumpsters off-campus.

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