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SAN ANTONIO- The coming holiday breaks will have more people traveling this year. According to AAA, 53.4 million people will travel this upcoming break.

Ariana Chapa, a communications science and disorders major at Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU), explains how she keeps herself and her corgi, Hazel, safe on their travels back home.

“I ensure that I always double mask, I have my hand sanitizer. I have wipes for Hazel’s paws,” said Chapa. “I also ensure that I don’t stop in more than one place.”

The CDC has recommended that fully vaccinated people should continue to wear a mask and to self- monitor for symptoms.

“Stay safe, practice social distancing, and ensure that you are also practicing the CDC guidelines,” Chapa said.

Raquel Pilgrim, a visual and new media arts major at OLLU, has her plans for her travels.

“Making sure that I try to keep as much social distance between me and other people, and also just trying to keep myself healthy with using like vitamin C,” Pilgrim said.

Pilgrim, ensures that she takes extra precautions when traveling and while at her destination.

She leaves us with some words for travelers.

“Make sure that you get tested first of all; to make sure that you don’t COVID and that you’re not taking it to other people; and, make sure that you are doing the best things for yourself, your family, and other people, as well as making sure that you keep everyone healthy,” Pilgrim said.

The CDC also recommends to follow all state and local recommendations or requirements.

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