OLLU counseling offers new support groups

SAN ANTONIO – Our Lady of the Lake University’s (OLLU) wellness center is offering two new support groups to help with grief from the passing of OLLU’s RRAC sports broadcaster as well, as peer support for first-generation Latinx students. 

OLLU counseling services are offering a grief and loss support group and a first-generation Latinx peer support group, starting Feb. 21 on Mondays and Wednesdays, to help students deal with grief and find a community within their peers.

“Group counseling helps to create connections between people who share similar experiences,” the LPC Associate running the grief group counseling session, Valessa Agosto said.

The grief and loss support group is scheduled to be held on Mondays at 3 p.m. in room 112 at the University Wellness and Activity Center (UWAC) at OLLU.

Agosto said the top priority is to make sure the group participants feel safe.

For the sake of safety and consistency, the group will close after the second group meeting and no longer be open to new participants. However, students who missed the first opportunity will be able to participate in the group the next time it is offered.

Later in the week, the first-generation Latinx peer support group will be held.

The first-generation Latinx peer support group will meet every Wednesday at 4 p.m. in the UWAC room 112.

“The First Gen Latinx group is to provide a safe space for students to engage in dialogue with one another about topics relevant to the experience of being a 1st Gen Latinx college student,” the licensed clinical social worker leading the support group, Violetta Fernandez said.

There will be snacks and drinks provided at the session, and two facilitators, Fernandez and intern Krysten Aldape, to help get the conversation going and offer support.

“For first-time group members, I want to confirm this is not a therapy group, so we are not focused on treatment goals,” Fernandez said. “Instead, this is a peer support group, which allows students to connect and uplift each other.”

Facilitators will provide the language and tools for students to interpret their experiences with one another. The support group’s goal is to help students feel safe, seen, heard and celebrated.

One can sign up for either group by clicking the links below or by scanning the QR codes.

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