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Healy-Murphy Center was the first privately funded school for African Americans in the state of Texas. It was also the first Catholic community of religious women founded in the state of Texas.

Healy-Murphy Center is a non-profit organization that has been impacting youth in San Antonio for over 120 years.

Healy-Murphy Center was founded in 1883 by widow Irish immigrant, Margaret Mary Healy Murphy. Healy-Murphy Center is part of San Antonio Independent School District and runs a self-paced high school and a child development center.

The high school program offers self-paced classes, daycare for parenting students, flexible schedules for working students, career guidance and more. The child development center provides daycare for children ages six weeks to five years old. Children who attend the daycare learn through play and discovery, eat free breakfast, lunch and snack, and learn social, emotional and cognitive skills.

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