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By Danielle Ojeda

San Antonio-Holiday vacation days are not granted to everyone, that is why one Our Lady of the Lake University student celebrates Christmas on Halloween with her family.

OLLU Student, Vanessa Fears, is preparing for her third annual Hallo-xmas at home with her two daughters, Alice and Scarlette. 

This tradition came to life when Fears discovered she had to work on Christmas day and potentially miss out on special moments with her kids. “It’s not about Christmas, it’s about making that time whenever you can to celebrate it,” stated Fears. 

Fears was inspired by her set-in-stone work schedule to combine Christmas with her favorite holiday, Halloween. This allowed her to participate in traditional activities with her daughters and make up some new ones of her own. 

Like most cherished holidays, Hallo-xmas was not complete without a folktale on how it started.

The story involves Santa Claus and bloody marry teaming up to commemorate Halloween Christmas. 

Fears’ youngest daughter, Alice, explained Santa got involved “when Mrs. Clause got kidnapped by bloody marry.” The story goes on to say how bloody marry and Santa worked out an agreement to celebrate Christmas on Halloween, but “only if kids were good,” said Alice. 

Family traditions that occur on Hallo-xmas follow the bloody marry folklore. This includes, presents under a mirror in lieu of a Christmas tree. 

Decorated mirror with Christmas presents for Halloween day. Photo by Vanessa Fears

“Bloody marry gives us presents under the mirror because she lives in a mirror,” stated Alice.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, Halloween will be different this year for those planning to celebrate it. According to the Center for Disease Control, high risk activities include trick-or-treating, and crowded costume parties.

Therefore, the Fears family adjusted Hallo-xmas to safety guidelines to be celebrated outdoors at Devils River in Del Rio, Texas. 

“Since we can’t go trick-or-treating,” said Fears, “and it’s supposed to be a full-moon,” open space outside suited best.

To the families who are unable to spend the holidays together at home, Fears said “we like Halloween a lot, so we decided to do this on Halloween but if you like Thanksgiving or Valentine’s day by all means celebrate then.”

why go with the crowd when you can do something different,” stated Fears.

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