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By Vanessa Faticaty SAN ANTONIO—The Lake Greek Council was established on the OLLU Campus in the summer of 2013. This organization joins all six of the Greek organizations on campus promoting unity between the service based sororities and fraternities, while recognizing common values and principles. This includes: In order of establishment at OLLU; Epsilon Sigma Alpha (1991), Sigma Theta Epsilon (1999), Delta Xi Nu (2009), Kappa Delta Chi (2012), Omega Delta Phi (2012), and the new recognized organization of Lambda Psi Delta (2015). This month, the former Lake Greek Council President, Courtney Lynn Dailey, was proud to announce the first Lake Greek Council Board Members. With James Crawford from Sigma Theta Epsilon as the new president and Ricky Saldana from Omega Delta Phi as Vice President of Administration, this organization is ready to blossom. “The start of the Organization was slow the first year,” Dailey said. “I heard from many people that it wouldn’t work out, that it was going to fail”. People thought that a Greek council would only separate the organizations, bringing rage and violence. With OLLU’s many rules and regulations against violence and misconduct, most of the events that this organization would provide, would be were prohibited. That is when the great question came about: “Why not?” Why not? With those two faithful words the Lake Greek Council changed the course of Greek life at OLLU. Since then, the Lake Greek Council has hosted 4 semi-annual “Go Greek Showcase”, nine probates and presentations bringing together Greeks from St. Mary’s University, UTSA, Texas State, and many more to welcome OLLU Greeks, the “Too Greek Tuesdays”, Greek Week, and a new Honor Society. “The Greek unity at OLLU is now at an all-time high” Dailey said.
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