April 21, 2021

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Graduation Rates at OLLU

SAN ANTONIO- With graduation approaching this month, many students at Our Lady of the Lake University will be walking the stage, but many will not. With excited seniors walking the halls of OLLU ready to graduate, what really is the graduation rate at OLLU?

Although four years of college is socially seen as the amount of time spent at college, students are staying longer. According to collegefactual.com, the percent of students at OLLU who graduate within six years is 43.5 percent. Students at OLLU who got their degree after the six years is a percent of 44.6 percent. These numbers are from 2015.

Scarlett Alonzo, Coordinator of Student Leadership and Development said at times it can be the system as to why the graduation rate is what it is and said, “Sometimes it may be that their (the students) intended major of choosing is offered but classes are not always easily accessible.” Alonzo also expressed that at times there can be instances where it is out of the students control and said “it takes students longer than four years to finish their degrees due to that some of our students may need to work to support themselves and pay for school. Some students may have life altering situations that need them to step away from school and focus on their families and themselves.”

Alyssah Gonzalez, a Junior at OLLU, said that advisors, OLLU and students are at blame to why students do not graduate on time. Gonzalez said she has heard horror stories of “advisors messing up and telling students that they are going to need to stay another semester.” Gonzalez also believes that it can also be on the students and said “you can overlook things and mess up, but I do see both sides and it can go both ways. The advisor and the student.” Gonzalez also expressed that classes are not offered ever semester and OLLU does not have professors to teach certain classes every semester.

Alonzo is an alumna of OLLU and although she changed her major her junior year while in undergrad, she “was blessed to have faculty advisors that walked me through every step of my degree plan to ensure I was still on track.”

Alonzo is confident that OLLU is “making strides to offering more resources to our students to finish their degrees in four years.” Alonzo goes on to talk about a “Wings Up” Tuition Grant that allows students to take up to eight credits for free during the summer if they are eligible.

To find out more information click on the link.   https://www.collegefactual.com/colleges/our-lady-of-the-lake-university-san-antonio/academic-life/graduation-and-retention/

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