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SAN ANTONIO – Jeremy Falkner is a former student at Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU) who graduated in the fall 2022 semester, Falkner is dedicated to his nonprofit organization that aspires to help veterans who are transitioning to civilian life.

Falkner received his degree in mass communication with a specialization in public relations and he also served in the Army. As a result of an injury that he received in the military, Falkner was given limited choices of areas of study from the Veterans Association (VA). Nevertheless, his family owns a public relations company, Muñoz Public Relations, that he has been raised into. Despite the limited options his decision of career choice became evident from the start.

“I was on my own,” Falkner said. “But my mom supported and motivated me to stay in school. There were times I did not want to finish.”

Throughout his college years, Falkner supported himself by doing photography jobs as an undergraduate, and through the VA.  He explored different types of photography and was booked for events, concerts, hunting, outdoor events and some portraits. Falkner also worked as Editor-in-Chief of Our Lady of the Lake University’s student publication Lake Front Media.

Falkner (far left) presents a trophy to winners in the Heros Sports Marker 37 Throwdown.

When the time came to choose a school OLLU’s small size and environment were key factors in his decision process. OLLU’s mission proudly advocates for a service to humanity community. Therefore, returning from the Army, Falkner enrolled pursuing his bachelor’s in mass communication.

“What drew me to OLLU was the size,” Falkner said. “And the professors who were able to build a personal relationship with them. I do not think I would have been able to do that at a big university.”

Falkner said he wanted to do more work with veterans, so more of his coursework led him to work with veteran nonprofits. He planned his coursework to compliment and improve his skills with courses such as grant writing. These courses also challenged his understanding of event planning for fundraising.

Falkner (far right) at G2 Ranch supporting other organization’s fundraisers.

“Professor Browns news gathering classes really pushed me to venture outside of my comfort zone. Because I was forced to talk to people I did not know,” Falkner said.

While working with his family’s business, which plans events like the Mariachi Extravaganza, Falkner said, “Newsgathering kind of opened my eyes towards journalism and understanding it more. I even thought about going that route at one point.”

Through this work in his family’s business Falkner said he was able to see and understand the behind the scenes look at a full timeline of a large event, with proper planning. Now and after graduation, Falkner will continue his work as the Director of Marketing and Communications for Heroes Sports, a veteran nonprofit that he has joined since June.

“Since taking classes at OLLU Dr. Zepeda, and professor Arreguin have been mentors I look up to,” Falkner said. “Because I am the director I look to them for advice, when I need it.”

Falkner in a group photo with the directors and staff of Heroes Sports at a hunting event organized by the nonprofit.

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