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Assistant U.S. Attorney David E. Hollar has been named District Elections Officer for the November 8, 2022, election in the Northern District of Indiana. Hollar will be responsible for managing and supervising the District’s election related complaints that rely on specific voting rights concerns. In addition to threats to election officials or employees/volunteers, and fraudulent conduct by consulting the Justice Department headquarters in Washington.  The Department of Justice’s role is eliminating intimidation and discrimination at voting polls, threats aimed at election officials and workers, and fraud.   The Department monitors these violations wherever they occur, so no matter the location violations don’t go unpunished. The Election Day Program ensures these goals and provides confidence in the electoral process to the public. Local points of contact are provided within the Department for reports of possible law violations.   Federal law and other acts are designed to protect voters against violence towards election officials, or similar methods that influence the voting process. Special protections are provided for voters to vote free from impactful factors that cause interference.   According to the Voting Rights Act voters are protected to vote or provided help by someone the voter wants to help them. In this circumstance voters who have difficulty reading or writing may choose a person to help them. In other words, this person helping doesn’t choose for the voter only reads or writes out the ballot.  Allegations can be made out to the FBI special agents, who are available in each office and agency throughout the country. This can consist of election fraud on Election Day.  Local FBI field offices are available day and night to the public and can be reached at this number, 317-595-4000. In addition, complaints regarding the federal voting rights laws.
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