By Paul Marquez

SAN ANTONIO— College is all about time management. For many college students that may include gaming. Gaming is another form of entertainment. Allowing players to spend more time engaged in multiplayer matches than homework. According to World Health Organization they have classified “Gaming disorder” as a mental issue this year.  

College students are on a busy schedule. There are deadlines and other obligations that require a timely response. Gaming becomes an easy escape for those who are stressed. The problem arises when obligations are not met on time. Freshman Gilbert Davila is a self-proclaimed gamer. On average Davila spends about 3 hours engaged in multiplayer games.  

Gaming has many benefits that may help with stress.

“Gaming helps me If I am  upset or stressed.” Davila said.

Many students deal with these emotions daily. Gaming has become mainstream in recent years. Bars are now incorporating video games. One such bar is Sparky’s Pub which now has video games on Tuesday nights. In turn you can now drink and play video games. With gaming becoming so popular it raises a few concerns.

The World Health Organization is now labeling gaming as a disorder. Many question if gaming can be considered a disorder such as gambling or drug addiction. While video games do not add alcohol in the bloodstream, they do have similarities in the release of chemicals that affect the body. One must remember further research must be completed.  

Davila said gaming is just a form of entertainment. As entertainment he knows when to be serious and get things done. One major requirement of this gaming disorder is continuation despite negative consequences. The behavior must be evident for at least 12 months according to World Health Organization. 

College students may continue to push deadlines on home assignments or other responsibilities to pursue video games. However enjoying an hour or two of ones favorite game will not ruin your G.P.A. 

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