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Grey’s Anatomy’s Justin Bruening stars in the romantic drama Sweet Magnolias

SAN ANTONIO- Actor Justin Bruening shows his range as an actor from a paramedic in the show “Grey’s Anatomy” to a hopeless romantic and baseball coach in the new Netflix show “Sweet Magnolias”.

Bruening was previously known as Matthew Taylor, a virgin paramedic who got his heartbroken at the altar as April Kepner, played by actress Sarah Drew, ran off and eloped with her ex-boyfriend Dr. Jackson Avery, played by actor Jesse Williams, in the medical series drama “Grey’s Anatomy”.

In season nine, Bruening made his first appearance in the Grey’s Anatomy series in the episode “Walking on a dream” and made his last appearance in the episode “All of me” in season 14. While Bruening’s show time seemed shorter than Grey’s Anatomy’s 18 seasons, he made a lasting impression on female fans with his character as the romantic and thoughtful man.

In “Sweet Magnolias” Justin Bruening’s character, Cal Maddox, has similar traits to his previous role in “Grey’s Anatomy” as he is all about the good guy status. In his role as a baseball coach, Bruce becomes an ideal example of consummate love.

Maddox is a former Major League Baseball player who moves to a small-town, Serenity located in South Carolina. During the show, Maddox falls in love with one of the town’s sweet magnolias, one of three women who guide each other through the challenges of love, career and family.

Bruening is well known for his work on television, but he was not always an actor. He began his career as a model. However, when Bruening made commercials and cast director Judy Wilson asked him to appear on “All My Children,” he was encouraged to act.

Bruening initially auditioned for JR Chandler on “All My Children” but was ultimately cast as James “Jamie” Martin. He continued to book roles leading to his appearance in Grey’s Anatomy from that year on out.

Despite Brunening’s long track record as an accomplished actor in films such as “Knight Rider” (2008) and “The Monster Project” (2017), he continues to make a mark in the TV industry as the romantic and thoughtful hunk.

“It’s not a bad thing to be the nice guy,” Bruening said.

“Sweet Magnolias” is available to stream on Netflix, and “Grey’s Anatomy” airs every Thursday on ABC.

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