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By Kimberly Yosko SAN ANTONIO—To all of the freshmen that are at the Lake for the first time, I would like to say a big Welcome and I hope you enjoy your years as a college student. To help you get started, I have some helpful tips that can be beneficial to you, especially in your first year. 1. Watch your sleeping habits. If you sleep a lot during the day or you’re up all night, then you’re more likely to be super tired during classes the next day. Sleep at night so that you are able to be ready for the next day and whatever it throws at you. 2. Don’t be afraid to try new things. You are only in college for a short amount of time. Make the most of it! You might just find a new hobby or talent that you had no idea about! Also, if you are not a native to San Antonio, you can explore many new places around town. Go out and sightsee! 3. Get involved, but know your limits. Getting involved is fun and it helps you to make new friends, but too much involvement can get in the way of classes or stress you out. Find a balance between classes and extracurricular activities, and see what works for you. 4. Make time to study. There is no way to avoid studying. Set aside some time every day to study and read for upcoming classes. If you need to, make to do lists on sticky notes or on your smartphone to remind you! However, before you study, find a time during the day where you know you are prone to studying. 5. Find time to exercise. The college diet may not be the healthiest, but you can avoid gaining those extra 15 pounds by going to different workout sessions. The UWAC has an exercise room and various students host different types of workouts, like yoga and Pilates. There is also a workout room in Centennial Hall for all residents to exercise at any time. 6. There is a reason why professors have office hours. Their office hours are for you to meet up with them. Meet with your professors! They can help you during their office hours if you need help with a concept in class or they can give good tips for your term papers and tests. I hope that these will help and that you all have a wonderful first year!
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