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By Bianca Garcia SAN ANTONIO—Did you know Our Lady of the Lake University offers free resources to assist students in reaching their educational and career goals? The Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) is a judgement-free zone and houses several student resources available to suit student’s needs. ACE has a Math Center, The Mary Francine Danis University Writing Center (MFDWC), and Peer Tutoring Center. “At the ACE students can expect a welcoming environment with people who are here literally to help them in whatever it is that they need help with,” ACE writing consultant Sabrina Zertuche said. “If it’s a quick question, I’ll answer a quick question, if it’s half an hour talking about an assignment, or half an hour talking about equations, we will sit for half an hour.”   The MFDWC assists students with their writing skills through brainstorming, organizing and interpretation. The professional writing staff works closely with students to help develop the necessary skills needed to achieve writing excellence. Hours for the spring semester vary, but are available evenings, weekends, and seven days a week. For more information students may visit Sueltenfuss Library room 101, or contact Director of ACE, Kristen Komara at (210) 431-4199. “Students can expect to get great help with technical writing, story compiling, different types of writing styles, and specialized tutors in subject matter,” Roxanne Martinez, administrative assistant in the Disability Office, said. “It’s a very good resource.” The Peer Tutoring Center offers faculty recommend peer tutors to help students with course material, notes, and ultimately assist students in discovering their personal learning styles. Tutoring services are available by appointment in Sueltenfuss Library RM 101, by phone at (210) 431-4114, or email at The Math Center offers peer tutor training that includes learning styles, and study strategies. Tutors are recommended by the mathematics faculty and the center’s aim is to make math more accessible and interesting for students. For more information students can visit Sueltenfuss Library room 101, or by phone at (210) 528-7159. Math Supplemental Instruction (SI) is another option for students struggling with math. The service offers regularly-scheduled informal math study sessions instructed by Peer SI Leaders. Peer SI Leaders have completed their first-year math course, participate in ongoing SI training, attend lecture and model good student habits.   Smart Thinking is the alternate solution to tutoring services that meet your needs. The online platform offers tutoring in a variety of areas including: mathematics, accounting, biology, chemistry, physics, and writing. According to Martinez, Smart Thinking is available on the OLLU portal and included in your tuition and may be expensive if accessed otherwise, and is available 24/7. Whatever academic area students are struggling with they should visit ACE. According to Zertuche the tutors available to students understand academic struggles and are here to help. “It is okay to ask for help, that is why we’re here,” said Zertuche. “If you’re struggling with something (academically), you don’t have to struggle alone.” Students can expect tutoring availability from noon to as late as 8:00 p.m. on varied days. Writing consultants are available seven days a week with an appointment. For scheduling availability please visit Our Lady of the Lake University Academic Center for Excellence.
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