Bexar County’s former detention center is in the process of being torn down in the midst of a city project known as San Pedro Creek.

If you’re looking to see new sites downtown after the pandemic then visit San Pedro Creek, San Antonio’s newest addition to the riverwalk.

The project began the second part of its first phase on Tuesday, by the demolishment of the city’s former county jail, the Central Texas Detention Facility. The facility was built in 1962 as the city’s main county jail and was later turned into a federal prison in the late 80’s. Phase 1.2 will feature three prominent attractions, the first is a performance plaza that will welcome performance artists of all kinds to use the park as their creative stage.

“It’ll look pretty nice, they’re even going so far as protecting the trees” said Tyler Ruhtnal, a city construction worker.

Some people however do not agree with this project such as city worker Ryan Gonzalez, “Anytime you try to try to tear down a detention center it can’t be good, because we got people meaning to be there.”

When not in use, the plaza will become an open space for people to sit and enjoy their surroundings.

It is estimated to be complete in early 2021 and will reach across downtown.

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