SAN ANTONIO – The Griffith Center for the Arts at Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU) has had a reoccurring problem with the air conditioning unit. Students and staff have had to move elsewhere for the time being.

“Why isn’t art worth investing in? That’s what it feels like,” said Anna Boone, a mass communications junior and art minor. “As soon as you walk into the building, you can feel the humidity. You can feel the heat.”

Boone shared that she struggles with asthma and was unable to stay in the building for long due to the invasive heat conditions.

Since August 2019, students said they have not received any updates on the situation and that it is only becoming more frustrating to not have a stable classroom.

“It’s kind of hindering because I like to be in one spot if I can help it and I know that doesn’t always happen but this building, it works it’s fine and the only problem is the AC, it’s uncomfortable,” said senior art student Miranda Brawner.

According to an employee from campus facilities, there have not been any problems with the air conditioning unit. Officials that we reached out to have not responded to the situation.

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