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SAN ANTONIO – Students at Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU) are halfway through the semester and it seems the assignments are not the only things piling up. Aside from the broken air conditioning in The Griffith Center for the Arts, there have been other issues reported by students.

“We didn’t know obviously the worst of the worst. Now we have mold now it doesn’t smell good. Things are being broken and the ceiling is coming apart,” said Lisa Guerrero, an education major and junior. “I am a work-study student under Dr. Dyer and we got an assignment a couple of weeks ago saying that there’s now a sighting of mold and mildew in some of the rooms that we used to practice in. She had me and a co-worker of mine basically move everything.”

Guerrero added that all the furniture, pianos and other equipment are now located in Pacelli Hall as well as the offices for faculty.  Despite the growing concerns, the ongoing issues with The Griffith Center for the Arts are yet to be fixed. Other students have expressed their feelings about the situation and said it is saddening to see the building in its current state.

“Since it’s so hot we had to move to a different building with not as much space. Some rooms are rooms that we wanted for our studios, but we couldn’t because there was mildew in the rooms and in a bunch of pianos that were being stored there,” said Resident Assistant Francisco Munoz. “It is kind of annoying that nothing has been done even though this has been going on for a long time. They haven’t fixed it yet there are other things that they will probably choose to fix and I feel like this is last on their list.”

At this point, students say the university should focus on trying to fix the air conditioning unit for the whole building as it is what led to everything else.

Associate Professor of music and Program Head Dr. Elizabeth Dyer said a source told her that renovations for the fine arts building will likely be taking place some time in 2020.

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