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College students lack motivation in mayoral election.

San Antonio, TX – The mayoral election is fast approaching but some college students are not on board. Our Lady of the Lake University students are divided on this mayoral election. The election will be held on May 4, 2019, the same week as students prepare for finals. This election will see current Mayor, Ron Nirenberg face challenger, Greg Brockhouse.

The election will also see an OLLU professor running for District Four, Adriana Garcia. Students I spoke to tell me voting in this mayoral election is not high on their priority list. “I do not have any interest in this election so I might be skipping this one,” OLLU Graduate Student Mark Martinez said.

Based on a poll conducted OLLU students do not appear to be interested in mayoral elections as they are in Presidential elections. The focus in voting this time of year is seen in most students. Many students are preparing for finals and are feeling the end of semester fatigue.

Adriana Garcia on why everyone should vote in Mayoral Elections

I conducted a poll and found out how many students plan on voting this Mayoral election

Voting Results

The data collected from 17 students shows a small sample of information.

Early voting Locations

Students who wish to learn more information about the Mayoral Election should visit

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