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Fiesta is an event held in San Antonio every year. Although this year’s event is over, people are still searching for medals from this years and past events. It was first held in 1891 beginning with the Battle of Flowers Parade. Since then Fiesta has grown to include other parades, events, and traditions.

One of the traditions many people take a part in is collecting medals. It is unknown when medals were first given during Fiesta. Some sources claim what kicked off the medal collecting tradition was King Antonio giving out commemorative coins to people during the parade in 1946.

The first official medal was made in 1971 By King Antonio XLIX (49). other people and businesses began making their own coins as well. There are events to buy, sell and trade medals like Pin Pan even Facebook groups to help others find specific medals. Prices of medals usually range from five to ten dollars.

This year it is currently unknown how many different medals were made for Fiesta, but in 2017, the numbers could have hit over one thousand. One of the medals people seemed to be looking for this year was the Selena medal with a white guitar and rose. Another popular medal this year was from Big Red. Fiesta Brand Seasoning is also a highly sought after medal this year. Even Our Lady of the Lake has its own Fiesta medal.

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