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The history, details, and this year’s fiesta events

SAN ANTONIO-Fiesta in San Antonio is an annual spring festival dating as far back as the late 1800s. As most of you might know, its origin started as a single event to honor the memory of the heroes of the battles of the Alamo and San Jacinto.

However, an interesting fact about its origin is that it was originally a flower parade led by a woman named Ellen Maury Slayden, the wife of a local congressman. Slayden organized and created the flower parade to help honor those heroes of the Alamo in the battle of San Jacinto.

This event became extremely popular and in 1895 transformed into a celebration that lasted for a week. Fiesta is an event that has well progressed over time without ruining its authentic purpose. In addition, an organization was established years later which was known as the Order of the Alamo. This organization helped supervise the administration of the festival annually. They also put forward support by increasing different traditions at the festival.

Slayden and other female individuals in San Antonio helped to form an organization called the Battle of Flowers Association. For the original festival, participants traveled through the streets in horse-drawn carriages throwing flowers around Alamo Plaza.

Eventually, an organization called the daughters of the Republic of Texas took over the event starting in the 1920s. This introduced a march that went from the Municipal Auditorium in San Antonio to the Alamo. Also, that’s where they read out loud the names of the many Texas soldiers that passed at the Alamo.

This year’s fiesta includes parades, parties, and festivals that will take place from March 31 through April 10. The location for this year’s fiesta is 110 Broadway, Suite 350 San Antonio, Texas 78205.

There will feature many popular parades such as the Fiesta Flambeau Paradethe Battle of Flowers Parade, the Texas Cavaliers River Parade, and the 22nd Annual Fiesta Pooch Parade.  But that is not all that this year has in store for the city of San Antonio. There will also be many fun places to visit such as the Fiesta Fiesta at Hemisfair park, the Fiesta Carnival, Fiesta Arts Fair, King William Fair, and the Fiesta Cornyation.

Fiesta always has many diverse food options to choose from which this year includes Night in Old San AntonioTaste of New OrleansFiesta Oyster BakeChili Queens Chili Cook Off, Fiesta Gartenfest, and Taste Of the North Side.

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