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San Antonio’s 106th Annual Oyster bake is only days away

By Gabriel Cook

San Antonio- Since 1916, the Oyster Bake has been embedded in the fabric of the San Antonio community. This year St. Mary’s University Alumni Association will be hosting its 106th Annual Fiesta Oyster Bake.

What started as a small St. Mary’s University alumni gathering on the banks of the San Antonio River downtown, has grown to a premier Fiesta San Antonio event.

Oyster festivals are great opportunities to try oysters from different regions in the country.

The Fiesta Oyster Bake takes place over the span of two days. This year’s Fiesta Oyster Bake 2022 took place:

  • Friday, April 1 from 5 to 11 p.m.
  • Saturday, April 2 from 12 to 11 p.m.

During the Oyster Bake people attending go through an average of 100,000 oysters and 32,000 chicken on a stick with jalapeno.

Check below some of the foods you can enjoy at the Fiesta Oyster Bake.

For a third of San Antonio’s history, the purpose of this event has been to donate 100% of the proceeds raised during the Oyster Bake and give them directly back to the students of St. Mary’s University. 

Individuals who attended Fiesta Oyster Bake 2022, helped further the education of students and support their growth as future community leaders. 

This event which started as a small community gathering during the first world war has grown into an event with over 70,000 patrons and more than 7,000 volunteers according to the fiesta oyster bake website.

For 106 years, the support of the surrounding San Antonio community has directly contributed millions of dollars in student scholarships and university programs.

The Fiesta Oyster Bake 2022 will take place at One Camino Santa Maria San Antonio, Texas. On the St. Mary’s University campus.

For information on ticket prices, parking, and more visit

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