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20160414_210439 By Pauline Fields SAN ANTONIO—Fiesta is a time and event for all ages. Young children gaze upon princess, just waiting for a glimpse to see the hidden shoe. Parents and young adults discover themselves finding some extra time in their week to stack some cups and enjoy a great time with friends. Medals are treated like gold as their brought and traded to be put on a sash. Fiesta isn’t just a time of partying and drinking but it’s a time of re-connection, laughter, culture and freedom. San Antonio has hosted Fiesta for over 125 years and each year the events get bigger and bolder. Fiesta always kicks off with ‘Fiesta Fiesta!’ at the Alamo, the heart of San Antonio. The Alamo symbolizes the fight for the great city of San Antonio and all the men who sacrificed their lives for the land we walk on today. It’s only respectful and kind to start Fiesta in a location that means so much to the city of San Antonio. Once Fiesta has started, there’s no stopping it. Fiesta continues through day and night for ten days. In San Antonio, Fiesta may give Christmas a run for the “best time of the year”. The streets are covered in bright colors with flowers and streamers hanging from every store. The environment and perception of San Antonio is one filled with joy and Downtown becomes a temporary residency for those who truly put their heart in soul into Fiesta. For first time goers, the must see and do events include Night In Old San Antonio (NIOSA), the River Parade, the Battle of Flowers Parade and the Fiesta Flambeau Parade. These events are the classic entertainment as they expose the true nature of Fiesta. NIOSA is based off the differing cultures in San Antonio. Vendors are located throughout the streets of downtown San Antonio. Each area of the event represents a different culture, for example in Maverick Plaza there is Frontier Land, and right next to that is the French Quarters. These differing cultures make up San Antonio today and NIOSA exposes citizens to the true roots of our beloved city. Every Fiesta parade is unique in its own way. The River Parade showcases one of San Antonio’s main attraction, the San Antonio River. River boats are exchanged for the typical floats in a parade and Fiesta royalty wave as they cruise down the River. The Battle of Flowers parade started with such a simple beginning. A group of ladies joined each other in front of the Alamo and threw flowers at each other in remembrance of the men who had fallen in battle. The simple act of throwing flowers has transpired into the extravagant parade that goes on today. The last parade of Fiesta is the Flambeau Parade in which the night lights up with neon and smiling faces. Fiesta floats are taken to the next level as the element of light is added to every single detail in the parade, including the people who are in the parade.
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