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By Pauline Fields SAN ANTONIO—There is a new attraction at the Our Lady of the Lake University Bookstore and she’s excited to meet all the new students this semester. Her name is Ozzie, (short for Ocelot). “She loves to be the center of attention,” claims a bookstore employee, Samantha Luna. Ozzie seems to enjoy her lifestyle at the bookstore. She is able to catch her daily naps, watch students come and go, and get a good belly rub if she is lucky. “She owns the place,” Luna said. Ozzie called the bookstore home since January of this year, so it seems only right that the feline became very comfortable. Ozzie was taken up by Jenn Wolff, another employee of the bookstore, who noticed Ozzie was a stray that needed a little TLC. Eager to help Ozzie, Wolff provided the feline with food, water, and a whole student population. Although Wolff could not take Ozzie as her own, she decided to prepare Ozzie for adoption by getting her accustomed to the human presence. Wolff was successful and Ozzie was recently adopted. Ozzie has changed names with her new home. Her new name is Minerva, which is a reference to a Harry Potter character Professor Minerva McGonagall. Those who are Harry Potter fans know that Professor McGonagall has the ability to transform into a cat that looks very similar to Minerva, so Ozzie’s new name seems to be a great fit. Minerva’s new owner is preparing for her arrival as she bought her an Our Lady of the Lake collar and other essentials to be a cat owner. This playful cat has found a new home and loving owner all thanks to Wolff and the other employees of the bookstore. Minerva will be greatly missed by the OLLU students but in all good hopes that she enjoys her new home and doesn’t forget her experience at the bookstore.
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