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Our Lady of the Lake University to open a food pantry

SAN ANTONIO- Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU) is to open a food pantry on campus to help students with food insecurity.

A survey conducted in the fall of 2018 found that a third of OLLU undergraduate students experienced low food security. To ensure students have access to an adequate amount of food, OLLU plans to establish a food pantry on campus.

“Students will be able to easily access the food pantry at times that is most convenient for them,” said Social Services manager, Jessica Muniz. “This also eliminates the need for additional transportation for those students who have minimal means of transportation since the food pantry will be located on campus at Worden School of Social Work.”

As part of the university’s undergoing preparations to open the food pantry, OLLU is working with the San Antonio Food Bank to gather essential food items and easy-to-prepare meals.

OLLU plans to conduct more evaluations to determine what other supplies and necessities students may need other than basic foods.

“We will definitely provide items with the college student in mind,” Muniz said.  

In addition to accepting food donations, the food pantry also offers students the opportunity to become volunteers.

“At this time, we intend to open five days a week, various times throughout the days, to include evening hours and by appointment both during the week and on weekends,” Muniz said.

As plans advance, a definite date for the food pantry opening will be determined.

For more information, or if one would like to volunteer or donate, please email

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