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Photo credit: Everyday Health Photo of Hernandez (dressed in all black) at The Watcha! Film Series in honor of Women’s History Month.

being a student athlete for one sport is challenging, being a student athlete for two sports is incredibly challneging and to consider the amount of time taken to do well and perform at a top tier level in the classroom aswell as competing.

our lady of the lake university patience okpe is a prime example of a dual sport athlete that when Okpe led her team toa national final it was then weeks later she was competing for our lady of the lake track team. Okpes relentless will to compete was in unbeaten even with her schedule she still found enough time to graduate and make deans list multiple amount of times throughout her time at our lady of the lake univeristy. Okpe is a prime example of a being a great student athlete.

there isnt a large amount of studnets aho have the ability to compete in number of sports due to the fact that specofic sport require certain time and detail that it might not meet or compliment the other sports let a alone the schedule of the univeristys teams.

Okpe expressed her views with being a dual athlete at our lady of the lake university “playing in multiple sports definitely made my experience at our lady of the lake very memorable, it allowed me to face new challenges in life and finding diffrent ways to compete in different areas of the sports world like focusing a lot more on diet which was crucial when running track, also having to change my workout plans from a basketball workout to a track workout. it was definitely challenging but i wouldnt change it for anything”.

motivatin was very cricual for Okpe when becoming a dual sport athlete due to the fact that a lot of time and effort must be taken in order for it to be a sucess. Okpes love and passion and drive is what made being a dul sport athlete a lot easier.

Okpe has had recent history on the track field as she explains “playing basketball requires a lot of sprinting and i used to run track back in my hometown in highschool so it was a easy adjustment”. Okpes athletiscm has been on display multiple times on the basketball court as she led the school the national final four with her great burst of speed being a huge advantage for and a nightmare for her opponents. it was an easy decision for the track coach to recruit Okpe on the team.

Okpe has been a great athlete at our lady of the lake university and has graduated with great honors academically and as an athlete we wish Okpe all the best.

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