SAN ANTONIO – The Volunteer Unity Council (VUC) comes together every week to serve the OLLU campus and the San Antonio community. The group lead by Jennifer Bendele hit the ground running with a spontaneous love to helping others. The past two meetings have been successful in discussing future volunteer opportunity dates.

VUC encourages all campus organizations and students to get involved. Volunteering opportunities that students take part in can help their resumes, scholarship applications and students can be nominated for awards.

Maricela Camargo, a senior, was presented with Presidents Award for completing over 100 hours of volunteer service. The Presidents Award came with a letter addressed by the United States President Donald Trump.

“Strive for the best, not just with service but also with your education. Being part of the OLLU community and getting your hands-on experience because with service here, it’s helped a lot,” said Camargo. “I’ve learned to build cabinets, plant trees and learn how to give back to the community itself”.

Future planned opportunities for the month of October are with the San Antonio food bank, San Antonio ISD, Goodwill and other on-campus community activities.

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