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San Antonio — As the seasons begin to change and the weather, Fall Fashion emerges once again. Several street Fall fashion trends have emerged within San Antonio and Our Lady of The Lake University. Fashion Model Tiana Williams and OLLU Fashionista Trinity Rodriguez discuss this year’s Fall 2021 Fashion Trends.

Departing from the Summer season full of jean shorts and crop tops, it is time to dive into one’s favorite fashion season. Some of the favorite trends are back including high knee boots, leather jackets, sweater vests, and much more. These are some of the trends you can start getting excited about right now.

“Definitely layering, thigh boots are in, and jewelry is a big part of your outfit, it can make your outfit turn into an amazing outfit,” said San Antonio Model Tianna Williams. 

Williams says even with the crazy Texas weather, Texas citizens can still able to take part in the Fall Fashion Trends. 

“Jewelry is one of the things that makes an outfit, layering your jewelry will help you,” said Williams as she offers advice to Fall outfits this year especially for the perfect outfit for the Gram and social media.

OLLU Fashion expert Trinity Rodriquez is excited to partake in these trends and to see the trends on campus.

“Leggings, high heel boots, Ugg’s, and just scarfs,” said Rodriguez as she discusses the popular Fall trends this Fall.

Some of these trends included helping you be on top of your fashion game this season and to dress to impress.

“Sweaters, and the fuzzy sweaters because they are comfy and nice,” says Rodriguez as she shares excitement about the trends, she looks forward to wearing and seeing on campus this season.

Bundle up this season with a cute outfit and for more Fashion Trends inspiration you can follow Tiana Williams on Instagram @Miss_Tianna_W.

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