June 21, 2021

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Art On Display At Senior Exhibition

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By Roberto Camero III

SAN ANTONIO– Senior exhibitions are events that give Our Lady of the Lake University students the ability to show off their work. It is a moment at the end of their undergraduate that allows reflection and admiration as such is the case with Jesus Ybarra.

Jesus Ybarra, a graduating senior here at Our Lady of the Lake University will be presenting his senior exhibition on April 11 . Having come from humble beginnings, he states that he is “proud of where [he] ended up,” as he explained that not many had the opportunity to go to college. He states that he would like to continue working in the art field by making designs for gaming studios, claiming that it would be a dream come true as he feels it would be a great way to not only make a name for himself but also share ideas for others to enjoy.

In addition to this, he states that, “The purpose of this exhibition is to show the world what I got and to make them smile, hopefully.” He goes on to state that his hope for the exhibition is to try and inspire others to pick up a long lost passion of theirs whether it be drawing, writing, or anything that allows the freedom of expression as, “That is the nature of art.”

All are welcome to come and enjoy a night of art appreciation and free refreshments on Wednesday, April 11 in the Library Community Room (LCR).

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