January 20, 2021

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Enjoy More Of Your Money

By Serapio Marquez

SAN ANTONIO—Start the semester at Our Lady of the Lake University with more cash for Spring Break. While most college students are required to buy textbooks every semester, it helps to save money at the start of the semester. There are many apps to help you save money this semester before Spring Break.

Before starting any budget remember to think of your goal. That goal may be to save up for a trip during Spring Break or next summer. While saving money allows you have more options for Spring Break it also helps build valuable skills when you graduate.

Textbooks are a big part of your budget. Before going out to the bookstore remember to shop around. That means look online compare websites. There are many different ways to save on textbooks. Renting textbooks helps. The cost is much lower. The following sites might be helpful such as Amazon, Chegg or Bookbyte. The price on these sites will vary depending on textbook availability and volume.

Another way to save more of your cash is eating in. While eating out is quick and convenient the cost adds up quickly. Make sure to use those meal plans. Limit the number of times you eat out.

Entertainment is a must after a long week. Make sure to get involved in any campus activities. The cost of a night out will be so much smaller once you meet new people. Participating in campus activities saves you money on going out.

Now for those who need an app to help with a budget here are a few suggestions.

“I’ve heard of apps that can help, but never tried any.” Freshman Anna Melendez said.

Many students do not see the importance of saving or how easy it is. These apps help maintain a budget, one such app is Mint. This app connects directly to your bank account. It tracks your spending habits and creates a budget. Mint is available on the Apple and Google Play stores. Another app is Left to spend for those who want something simple. Users calculate monthly expenses and divide by number of days in the month. The remainder of the income is used to calculate a daily budget. This application is only available on Apple devices.

These are just a few ways to save and help you reach your goal for spring break.


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