A guide to perfecting self-love and appreciation on Valentine’s Day in 2022 

By Destinee Roberts  

SAN ANTONIO – Valentine’s Day is not just about finding a valentine to show appreciation to, but rather a holiday that celebrates all the love you have overall. Society practices loving one another every day, so it is okay to love yourself a little more on the 14th of February.  

Valentine’s Day has been around for centuries in the United States. Almost every individual worldwide knows that romance and love are the reason for the celebrated special occasion. However, many people commonly mistake the traditions of Valentine’s Day for the meanings behind the holiday and lack knowledge about how love is supposed to be celebrated and shared.  

Valentine’s Day is not just about showering your loved ones with heart-shaped chocolates, flowers, and giant stuffed animals that are bigger than your valentine literally! Instead, Valentine’s Day should be a day dedicated to appreciating everything and everyone you love, including yourself. Self-Love is a hard quality to possess because it forces a person to love themself before loving another. So, yes, it is nice to buy that six-foot stuffed elephant holding a love letter because it is larger than the girl you are giving it to and on sale. But, on the other hand, why not buy yourself one as well because you deserve something just as lovely and maybe even better. Here is a step-by-step guidebook to perfecting self-love on Valentine’s Day. 

Remember to embrace self-appreciation: Although you may have sincere feelings for someone, make sure to possess mutual feelings towards yourself. For example, you must learn to love and cherish your appearance before admiring a crush or significant other’s appearance. Be confident in yourself and learn to appreciate every part of yourself physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc. Embracing your characteristics allows for reassurance and better social skills.  

Before taking someone else out, try taking yourself out first: Valentine’s Day is a special occasion, and if we are being honest, when do we take ourselves out on special occasions? You do not need a valentine in 2022 to go out and celebrate Valentine’s Day. Instead, treat yourself to a movie, have a spa day, or go out to your favorite bar & grill.  

If you are not going to be cheap for your valentine, don’t be cheap to yourself: In modern times, society focuses on serenading, proposing, and spoiling their partners with some pricey expenses. If you are willing to spend a small fortune on your valentine, that means you would be willing to pay the same amount on yourself. No, it does not mean you must spend all of your savings and go into debt, but this action helps remind others of their self-worth. You are worth much more than what you might think.   

Spread the same love you would want to receive: It is appropriate to admire and celebrate your love for yourself and the love you have for others. It is also okay to be a little selfish, especially when you do not have a valentine, but there is always someone out there that has your heart. To continue, remember to tell the people you love that you value them because words speak louder than actions and are worth more than material. No matter who you share Valentine’s Day with, give love to you, give love to them, and give love to life! 

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