January 22, 2021

Lake Front News

News for the students. By the students.

Elmendorf Lake plant invasion update

City workers have been seen making an effort to rid the invasive plant water hyacinth, that invaded Elmendorf Lake right next to Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU).

“They waited so long to do it, it wouldn’t have been as invasive as it is right now if so that should be a lesson to do it sooner,” said Kathy Garcia, OLLU student.

Marketing Manager for the San Antonio Parks and Recreation, Connie Swann, says her team is collaborating with Transportation & Capital Improvements Storm Water Operations, and San Antonio River Authority to utilize the best practices for maintaining the lake.

Swann says the process is ongoing and her team has made progress, and they are developing a timeline based on the experiences with the removal of the plant thus far. Swann says Lake maintenance is part of normal operations, but San Antonio Parks and Recreation are looking at working with an outside vendor to expedite the cleanup of Elmendorf Lake.

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