January 15, 2021

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Election Day

SAN ANTONIO- Our country is fortunate to have the right to vote as it energizes political changes and it empowers cooperation amongst citizens. Presidential Elections are looming and t is important to know who you want to vote for and what the candidate’s goals are to better this country and community.

To find out more about the candidates running for federal and state offices visit the Texas Secretary of State Website.

When asked how she registered to vote, Wendy Garcia said,

“I registered to vote through Move Texas and I got a chance to visit Las Palmas Learning and Leadership Center to cast my vote. I think that these resources are at every student’s reach so they can voice their beliefs through what the candidates offer.”

Dr. Leda Barnett the Program Head of Political Science is qualified to register you to vote. You can visit Dr. Barnett in Main 202E for help in the process.

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