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            EAGEL PASS, TEXAS- It has been reported that many small businesses were hit hard by the pandemic, but some students took the opportunity to start their own small businesses and help their family businesses grow. Daisy Leija, a student at Texas A&M International University at Laredo, Texas,  started her own hair accessory and jewelry business in June. Leija, a full- time university student, decided to create her own business, DNL, as a hobby at first, but not it has become a growing business. Leija started her business to help her parents during this time. Leija resells her men’s and women’s jewelry, she works to find the best quality for her customers, so they get more for their buck. Leija often goes live on Facebook and make posts on her business accounts on Facebook and Instagram. Leija finds the time to promote her business and find inventory, during study her breaks. Leija hopes to one day make a physical shop for her jewelry and hair accessories and reach out to a larger range of customers.

Daisy Leija’s small business, DNL

Andrea Casas, a senior at C.C. Winn High School at Eagle Pass, Texas, has been helping her mom with her small jewelry business, as being the face of A’s Jewelry Box. A’s Jewelry Box sells an assortment of accessories that are made by hand. Casas encouraged her mother to sell her handmade jewelry, with Casas managing the business on various social media platforms. Through Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat Casas is able to reach a customer base of all ages. Through raffles and giveaways, Casas is able to further promote her mother’s business and gain more customers. Casas is able to manage her mother’s business during her free time, since she is doing remote learning. During this time, Casas took the advantage to make her mother’s business stand out in the Eagle Pass community. Casas and her mother plan to make a website to make it easier for them to ship across the country and the world. Casas will continue to help her mother until she graduates and heads to college, but until then she plans to help out as much as possible.

Hand made jewelry from A’s Jewelry Box

            According to Heidi Zak, CO- founder and Co- CEO of ThirdLove, says that the global crisis that we are in, “presents an interesting opportunity for entrepreneurs.” Zak also expresses that, “businesses that solve problems in a crisis grow faster as a result.” Zak also mentions, “…a lot of talented people are looking for work.” Starting a small business help those who are looking for a job during these times and to start a business can help owners grow their businesses, as well as, come up with solutions to problems. During these times, two students were able to start businesses and get to venture into entrepreneurship.

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