By:Joseph Vasquez SAN ANTONIO—– The small, close-knit community of Our Lady of the Lake University makes a new face easy to pick out. Dr. Bruce Rosenthal, the new Dean of the School of Business, is one such face. Born and raised in New Jersey, Dr. Rosenthal received his Bachelors of Arts from Syracuse University. He then spent 20 years living abroad in Asia and Europe as an entrepeneur. He has owned several blue chips companies and traveled across five of the seven continents, visiting over 50 countries. A fluent speaker of Japanese, Rosenthal pulled a majority of his data for his PhD (roughly 90%) from Japanese sources. “I think that this very background has helped me approach [business education] in a different way. Most of the business deans have majored in accounting or economics, but my masters is from Rutgers University – that was four and a half years of business” said Rosenthal . When asking  Rosenthal what brought his attention to OLLU, he said “I was unhappy of where I was for a variety of reasons. [What interested me at…] OLLU was the mission and vision. The mission and vision for the entire university is very similar to what my vision is for higher education in business. We have young people – such as yourself – who are coming to us to help them realize their dreams and aspirations. This generation of business people, if anyone, is going to save the world… My generation had its shot, and see how we screwed it up?”.When thinking of business, saving the world is not brought up; but Rosenthal preaches about how higher education is “a higher calling”. The perfect fit was OLLU for Rosenthal – this is home. From the beginning he felt welcome, not only from OLLU – but from the city of San Antonio as well.  When asked how he has adapted to the culture and weather of South Texas, Rosenthal said “From my experience it [the weather] is either [in the] triple digits and blinding hot, or damp, wet, and dark, but I do not mind the heat. My wife loves the heat, the food, and the music. She has her radio tuned to 104.5 and she is singing along to it and she is absolutely delighted. I love the food and I love the atmosphere and the diversity of the city. In general, it has a lot of culture and history and some wonderful restaurants.” San Antonio and OLLU have been a perfect match for Dr.Rosenthal and his wife,almost like a missing piece to the puzzle. When asking Alyssah Gonzalez what she wanted to see from the new dean, Gonzales said that she wanted “to see professionalism on campus as a Dean.  We do look up to him and [he] is someone we expect to see a lot of things from. I have heard some good credibility about him what he is about and that is the new guy on campus. Also, to expect a welcoming community and that is a lot of who we are.” If you see Dr. Rosenthal walking in the halls talk to him, or simply say hi. He is happy to meet you all and help you reach your goals. IMG_1275
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