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by Amadeo Rivas

San Antonio- Leslie Rivera, a local San Antonian who works for a non-profit AIDS-service organization, created an aid initiative last month by placing a community refrigerator in downtown San Antonio.

The 31 year old sought to help the San Antonio community members who have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

She came to the concept of the community fridge after seeing the success of a community fridge in New York City.

The community fridge, located on 1316 Austin Street, is hosted by Swift Movers LLC. The refrigerator itself, which is open 24/7, has been designed by local artists and provides only vegan and plant-based options.

San Antonio Community Fridge. Photo credit @communityfridge_satx

Rivera has stated that anyone can donate to the fridge at any time as long as it is a healthy option.

The community fridge also seems to be helping local university students save money and stay healthy as well. “I think it’s great for the community, it’s definitely helped me save money that I need for other necessities,” OLLU student Roger Duran said.

Rivera plans on starting more community fridges all over town, starting a GoFundMe page to help support them.

For the safety of the community, Rivera asks everyone to wear face masks when near the fridge. Volunteers rotate around the clock to sanitize and clean the fridge every day. 

OLLU Student, Sharon Alvarez, wears a mask while donating goods. Photo Credit @sjcampaign

You can keep up to date with the community fridge on instagram @communityfridge_satxand their GoFundMe page

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