April 21, 2021

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The cost of being locked out

Dorm Lockout Fees

By Karina Martinez

Paying to live on the Our Lady of the Lake University campus has its perks, however getting locked out of your dorm room is a cost you don’t want to pay.

“When you are locked out of your room, an RA is sent out to unlock the door for you, so we charge you a twenty-five dollar lockout fee,” interim director of residence life Grace Sinyard said.

Residence Life still manages to make the lockout fee a perk and learning experience for residents.

“That twenty-five dollars goes to programming for residents. So, yes, the funds go to us, but in return we use funds to host more activities for the residence. In addition, that kind of helps residents learn more responsibility because you’re always supposed to be carrying your ID and your keys with you at all times,” ” Sinyard said.

Despite these additional activities for residents, many students still avoid lockout fees. Residents who share rooms are fortunate enough to have someone open the door for them. Those who have a single room however, good luck.

“I had to call my roommate but she was at the mall. So I was here feeling really bad. I’ll give you gas money I’ll give you all that. I just had to wait 20 minutes and she was able to pull through,” student Love Rodriguez said.

If you have to pay a lockout fee you can do so at the Residence Life Office located in Pacceli, or pay online at http://marketplace.ollusa.edu/reslifeoutstandingcharges.com.

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