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SAN ANTONIO – Transitioning to a college living arrangement usually means downsizing to one bedroom that suddenly becomes your entire house. With this kind of change, it is uncanny for students to get creative and make use of space in the most efficient way, especially on a college budget.

Thankfully, scholars now have a ‘Life Hacks’ step-by-step video that has gone viral, listing ways to live “smarter” on campus.

In partnership with Amazon, YouTube personality Margot Lee shared her struggle with moving from a house to a dorm room and why she credits a handful of easy, affordable hacks and products that “saved” her when she was living on campus.

The first piece of advice Lee shared in her video was, working out a routine that accommodates both yours and your roommate’s schedule. Before creating a space that feels like home, breaking the ice between you and the person you will be sharing a room with is one thing she says made her experience “less awkward.” In correlation with Lee’s experience, the EducationQuest Foundation revealed in a blog post of tips and suggestions to “help the transition go more smoothly.”

Once you become more familiar with the person(s) you now share a room with, certain purchases and adjustments including essential oils, a film projector, utilizing a personal snack bin and reusable water bottles will be ‘dorm-life necessities.’

Our Lady of the Lake University junior, Amanda Esparza, is also an on-campus resident and agrees reusable bottles and bins “make a big difference with living space,” Esparza said. “I have almost seven reusable bottle bottles, and they come in handy for practice, school and it makes me feel good to reduce plastic.”

In addition to the tips and tricks Margot Lee suggested for on-campus residents, a viral tweet from SNF ONLINE displayed how individuals can live more efficiently with at-home inspired Life Hacks.

One of the Life Hacks combines saving space and saving the environment. Many people already recycle and reuse their plastic bags, but by tying them together and folding them in a tissue box (almost everyone can find one at home), you can keep them from creating a mess!

Nora Anda, OLLU junior, was inspired by the how-to life hacks presented in the tweet. “Thinking creatively with materials most students would see as un-valuable (cereal boxes, milk cartons, wrappers, etc.), can make living on campus fun and easy,” Anda said.

Anda also admitted to incorporating a few hacks into your living space after watching the video. Anda said, “taking advantage of our apartment’s kitchen space is definitely something my three roommates and I try to do, so the plastic bag/tissue box hack really was helpful.”

Making the most of your time and space on campus is one thing every student learns how to do on their own. These ideas will only simplify organizational skills. It is up to each person to adapt to their new living environment.

For more Tips and college-friendly Life Hacks visit the Textbooks website or stay up to date and follow SNF Online via twitter.

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