August 8, 2020

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Love in a time of corona.

San Antonio- As our nation fights to combat the COVID-19 global pandemic there is a new normal for many aspects of our everyday life, including dating. Has the relationship status for singles shifted to an increase in swiping right or a preference in solo quarantining?

With “stay-home” orders in place in majority of the states in the U.S. how are the individuals hoping to find their soulmate, adjusting to the restrictions?

20 -year-old San Antonio native, Nimra Ullaah explained how she is continuing her search for love under these conditions.

“Now that I can’t go out and meet someone in person I’ve turned more to social media”, Ullaah said she refrains from using dating apps but instead chats with guys via Instagram.

“I’m lucky to have a full time job and spend more time with my family, but I am still so bored. So having someone to talk to during this quarantine would be really nice” said Ullaah.

In her case getting to know someone now she said could be a positive thing, “I feel that my dating generation is very rushed, nobody ever takes the time to talk before going on a first date. So having a guy get to know me first would really prove if we have a connection”.

The search for love in a time of corona is still very present in some cases. Elie Seidman, the CEO of the dating app Tinder reported a 10-15% increase in daily messaging activity among Americans. Seidman also stated “More than ever, having someone to talk to can make a world of difference,”.

American Tinder user logging into app.

In other situations, spending 24/7 with your partner does not always end in a happily ever after. Ayesha Vardag, founder of “Divorce Lawyers Vardags” said that her firm has seen a rise in enquirers from couples “who just feel they cannot bear another day with the person they no longer love…”.

Andrea Garcia, 21-year-old San Antonio local has experienced living with her boyfriend during quarantine for a little over a month and explained her understanding for these statistics. “I have always been an independent person who cherishes my personal space and time so this is something I’m still adjusting to, and it isn’t easy” said Garcia.

“Although admitingly, my new living situation does get tense after recycling the same at-home schedule every single day.” Garcia said, “I know at the end of the day I’m thankful to not be going through this alone”

Feeling alone is one thing most people are trying to avoid during these challenging times (right behind getting infected with coronavirus). The need for more conversation and company could be especially difficult for those in a relationship with someone hundreds and thousands of miles away.

30-year-old San Jose, California resident, Amer Baroudi, has made it a point to keep his long distance relationship strong with a Face-time call to his girlfriend everyday, some lasting 5-6 hours long.

Call history between long distance couple during quarantine.

Although, being in a relationship several states away is not the most difficult thing for Baroudi, “I think the hardest part is not having our next trip planned because that is the one thing we have been consistent with before the pandemic broke out”.

Baroudi said having a set date for their next reunion was the only thing that makes the distance bearable.

Still he chooses to look on the bright side, “we defiantly keep our face-time dates unique and fun by still incorporating movie night and playing games over the phone, yes it’s actually a thing”.

Baroudi is not the only one getting creatively romantic with his face-time dates. Blogs like, todayscreativelife, have introduced flavorful ways to keep long distance great again.

  • Cook a delicious meal together

Maintaining to keep your spark while also maintaining a social distance is not the biggest issue we are currently facing. However, for some it is a positive distraction from the harsh reality of this pandemic.

If people remind themselves that coronavirus does not cancel conversations, relationships, laughter, self-care, or love then our nation will grow stronger and learn from this tragedy.

stay home and love on.

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