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By Lake Front Staff SAN ANTONIO—The Texas Cheer and Dance group presented their Christmas recitals in Thiry Auditorium Dec. 17.  Groups sang carols, performed cheer routines and hip hop dances to a cheery crowd. The Dance group serves the North and Northeast parts of the city, engaging young girls and boys in various forms of dance that include ballet and hip hop. Among the groups participating were the Venom Voltage Cheerleaders, who presented an impressive cheerleading routine. Murnien Youth Hip Hop was a crowd favorite treating those present to funky holiday tunes. Now, cue the cute factor. Tiny Ballet had tiny tots in the most adorable blue tutus, twirling and whirling around the stage to the tune of Little Snowflake. After the presentations, those present were offered the opportunity to visit with Santa and tell them what’s on their list this Christmas. The Christmas Extravaganza, an annual tradition at OLLU presented by Texas Cheer and Dance, marks the beginning of the holiday break for students.  
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