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By Lake Front Staff SAN ANTONIO—Fiesta! A major annual event for the residents of San Antonio, both young and old. Each year, the numbers of people attending continue to grow and grow. This year, according to, the Battle of the Flowers parade had an estimated number of 350,000 attendees! With this many people, it is sure to cause some havoc. Events like NIOSA and Fiesta de los Reyes, a place filled with liquor and cramped spaces, draw in large numbers of people every year, which can lead to some pretty terrifying events if someone is not careful. Alcohol, mixed with constant shoving to get to where you want to go, can lead to brawls, punches, and kicks if you come across the wrong person at the wrong time. Other incidents such as being robbed by pick-pocketers or assaulted are bound to happen as well with such a large amount of people obliviously enjoying the festivities and amusements Fiesta has to offer. Your San Antonio Fiesta experience does not have to end badly though. In fact, all can go well while you continue to enjoy the turkey legs, alcohol, and glow in the dark items that go along with Fiesta. The key is to stay safe and be aware of your surroundings while still having a great time. A few things you could do are avoid packed areas of the event to your best ability. Do not draw yourself to potential areas that seem far too dangerous for the sake of good view. Another helpful tip is to keep your belongings close to you and make sure they are within your grasp at all times. Big purses or chain wallets are a major no. Drawstring purses, or money clips in a safe pocket would be best to keep your money safe and close. Only taking money that is necessary for the day would be recommended as well. No need to keep money on you that you know you will not (or should not) spend. The most important tip is to simply not look for trouble. Try not engaging yourself n activities that look like they could result in a bad time. There are plenty of events during Fiesta. Just remember to always bring a buddy or a family member and stick close to them; you both will feel the safest when face to face with a mob of people if you are at least together. If you want to engage in a  more crowded are, the group you came with could be a benefit, seeing as you can weave through the crowds together and avoid one on one run ins with angry fiesta goers. So, a friendly recap! In crowds, make sure to know where your belongings are 24/7, and the less you bring the better. Stick close to friends or family, and avoid any dangerous situations you possibly can. Crowds are a part of Fiesta, and although dangerous, should not stop you from enjoying the festivities.  
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