By Stefanie Fairweather Stephanie Garza is a transfer student from Northwest Vista community college who has overcome many obstacles to attend OLLU. After coming from community college, Garza realized the importance of staying close to home to be with her family. “Family is incredibly important to me, I did not want to be far away from them because we are such a close-knit family,” Garza said. Garza decided to come to OLLU because of the family dynamic that is portrayed by everyone.   Upon receiving her Associates Degree in Liberal Arts, Garza struggled with picking a major when coming to OLLU. Once she learned of our Mass Communication program, she was hooked! During her time as a student here Stephanie has been seen on the Lake Front News, published in the Lake Front newspaper, and became president of the Public Relations Student Society of America at OLLU. Her passion for public relations and political science has encouraged her to pursue a career in public affairs. Stephanie is a well-known name within the Mass Communications department and her success will pave the way for others to come.  
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