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By Alejandra Navarro and Chelsey McClain SAN ANTONIO—Cold weather is fast approaching, school is starting and with the workload from classes it’s always nice to relax with a good movie. This month there is a movie for everyone, even though not every movie genre is right for everybody, these back to school suggestions might help you find a new favorite. Don’t worry: they have nothing to do with school. Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ (2015) This one is for all the anime lovers on campus. Resurrection ‘F’ made its two week debut in theaters during the first week of August and takes place after the events of “Battle of the Gods”. This film features the majority of the Dragon Ball Z crew: main characters Goku and Vegeta, and new characters Beerus and Whis. In this installment of the franchise, Freeza is brought back to life and is determined to defeat Goku once and for all. The DBZ crew will gather together to stop Freeza from destroying Goku and their world. Pitch Perfect 2 (2015) Comedy and a capella? “A’cascuse me? A’cabelieve it!” Pitch Perfect 2 is set three years later from the first film. In this sequel, the Bellas are stripped of their title, are ineligible to perform, and can no longer accept any new members after a performance for the president goes wrong. The Bellas soon find out they can be reinstated if they win the world competition. No problem, right? Just one: no American team has ever won the world competition. Now faced with new opponents and the competition fast approaching, Becca must lead the Bellas to victory. Straight Outta Compton (2015) Set in Los Angeles, this film follows the lives of Dr. Dre, Easy-E, DJ Yella and MC Ren as they form the hip-hop group N.W.A. It’s a rags to riches story that exposes their secrets and personal lives to the world. Starting back at the beginning, the men stand up to authorities with nothing more than their lyrics and speaking the truth of what it was like to live in the hood. They start a revolution and their music is still being heard today. If you love listening to their music, then this movie is a must see for you. If you don’t, it’s still a good movie to watch with friends. Netflix Picks Down To You (2000) Told from the points of view from both characters, former college lovers Al and Imogen reflect on the various ups and downs of their past relationship. College sophomore Al meets freshman Imogen one night at a bar where they both develop an instant infatuation for one another that eventually turns into a relationship. As things intensify, Imogen and Al are confronted with the realities of their college lives and the nature of their relationship. Throughout the movie, both Al and Imogen individually explain what they felt went wrong during the course of their relationship and at which point in time they started to feel differently about being together. The film captures each character’s point of view creatively with the use of daydreams and flashbacks. It is a must see for those who enjoy romantic comedies. Heathers (1988) If there is a movie that takes getting revenge on the popular kids way too far, it is the 1988 cult classic film, Heathers. This dark comedy stars a young Winona Ryder as high school senior Veronica Sawyer, who even though invited to be a part of their clique, absolutely loathes a group of popular girls, all of which share the same first name, Heather. Veronica, fed up with the Heathers’ ruthless behavior toward the student body, partners with the school rebel, J.D., who also shares the desire to put a stop to the Heathers’ self-righteous bullying. However, when Veronica discovers J.D.’s true intentions aimed not just toward the Heathers, but also the entire student body, she finds herself being the only one who can put a stop to his madness. The sick and twisted intelligence behind the pranks in this movie make those of which in Mean Girls look like April Fool’s day jokes. Clueless (1995) Adolescent life is shown through 15-year-old teenager Cher Harowitz, a privileged valley-girl. In class, Cher voices her stances on various topics such as dating, recreational drug use and violence in the media. To her friends, Cher is a hair stylist, fashionista and life coach. Although, when it comes to Cher’s personal life, she is, in fact, clueless. After completely falling for the wrong boy, being wrong about a friend’s love interest and failing her driver’s test, Cher ends up taking a step back and re-evaluates her own life in this 1995 coming of age comedy. She’s All That (1999) Ever seen Paul Walker play a jerk? No? Then check out She’s All That starring Freddie Prinze Jr. and Paul Walker as high school buds that make a bet on whether or not Freddie Prinze Jr.’s character, Zack, has the ability to use his good looks and popularity to transform an unpopular girl, Laney, into one of the most wanted girls in school. What starts off as a fun bet ends up becoming serious when Zack ends up falling for Laney during the time the two spend together in each other’s worlds. Recent Releases The summer of sequels has spared no movie, and this month is no exception. Even though not every movie is a sequel, here are few recent movie releases with some variety. If you don’t have much to do this month, maybe you can go out with a few friends and check out of few of these films. On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with staying in and watching them either. Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (2015) They escaped the maze, or did they? The next chapter in this book turned movie is sure to be as a good as the first. Thomas and the Gladers escaped the maze and are now in search for clues about the organization called WCKD. This search leads them to their new challenge, the scorch. Now they must find out what WCKD has planned for them, all while trying to escape the scorch and avoiding whatever WCKD throws their way. Hotel Transylvania 2 (2015) Who doesn’t love watching cartoons? It brings out the kid in all of us. For those who loved the first installment of this film, you just might like the second as well. Mavis and Johnny have a cute little baby boy named Dennis, but he hasn’t been showing his vampire side, which worries grandpa Drac. While Johnny takes Mavis to meet his parents, Dracula tries to bring the vampire out of his grandson. There is only one small problem. Dracula’s father, Vlad, is coming to town and he won’t be very happy to hear his great-grandson isn’t a pure-blood vampire.
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