June 24, 2021

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Christmas On A Dime

By Chloe M. Brown

SAN ANTONIO—College is expensive, but shopping for Christmas doesn’t have to be. The first thing that students need to do when online shopping is add Honey into their browser. Honey is a plug-in that shows discounts on the site that users can use. It’s like coupons without the effort.

Below is the top 10 Cheap Christmas gifts all under 30 bucks.

  1. You Tried Sticker
    you-triedFor only $2.40, you can give your friend the gift that we all have been thinking all semester long.
  2. Mini Monster Scented Neon Markers
    Everyone needs highlighters from time to time. Why not have them be scented and have little faces. At $4.99 it’s a steal!
  3. Harry Potter Ornament
    Share the Christmas Magic for only $9.95.
  4. The Hungoevr Cookbook
    What says I love you more than a book that can help over come a hangover? At $9.99 this book will be a “win” with all of your friends.
  5.  Sriracha Hot Sauce Key chain
    Everyone has that one person who puts Sriracha on everything. For only $17 you can get a pack of three key chains for the hot sauce lover in your life.
  6. Doctor Who Lights
    drwhFor all of time traveling loving friends, these are perfect way to show the love and give their pad a little decoration. The lights are priced at $17.99.
  7. Mini Waffle Makerwallllf
    Waffles. The second (to pizza) cornerstone of America.  You can get your friends one of these bad boys for only $18. Syrup for everyone.
  8. Creature Cup
    Want to shock your friends and probably make them spit out their coffee? This mug ranges from $14.99 to $19.99. You have to pay $15 but their faces will be priceless
  9. Harry Potter Snuggy
    Let’s be honest. Do College students love more than Harry Potter. Maybe Pizza? But even that’s debatable.  For the price of $26.52, you can make sure your friend is ready for all the holiday marathons of Harry Potter
  10. Mobile Lens Kit
    For all of our friends that are self proclaimed photographers and are trying to Instagram famous. Currently it’s on $26 dollars which isn’t bad for all of our wannabe photographers.

Happy shopping. With thrifty gifts like this, your bank account will be a thanking you.

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