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FB_IMG_1455120355834By Lake Front Staff SAN ANTONIO—History has been made at OLLU and it all started with a student, Christopher Robinson Jr. Mr. Robinson is the first African American President of Student Government Association at OLLU and his success doesn’t stop there. He was elected in spring of 2015 to be the voice of the student public, and he has used his power to make impacting improvements and changes to the University. Robinson started his life journey in Natchitoches, Louisiana. His area was fortunately saved from Katrina’s wrath in 2005, but it was damaged due to the severe weather surrounding the hurricane. What affected Robinson’s hometown the most was the surge of population due to hurricane evacuation in surrounding towns. According to Robinson “the area became so heavily populated, it was hard to breathe.” Robinson and his family left their home in Louisiana to find a new one in Arlington, Texas. It was in Arlington that he faced oppression because of his skin color and social status. When he discussed his experience of oppression, Robinson seemed to feel it was just a minor obstacle in life. “Oppression might slow down the process or make it inconvenient but it can never hinder you” He graduated from Mansfield High School to come to OLLU and start his life as a college student. His experience here at OLLU as part of the black community has been very welcoming, as he feels that he is “studying abroad with all of the different cultures.” Robinson’s presidential campaign for SGA was strongly encouraged by his fraternity brothers of Sigma Theta Epsilon. It was actually a brother that made the campaign flyers while Robinson had no part in it. It was a moment of providence for him. As soon as he was elected, Robinson started to make changes. He created the brand for the University, Wings Up. The M.O.S.S’s (March of Spirited Saints) were also an improvement. The M.O.S.S was an event created by Robinson that connected OLLU sports with the community. The M.O.S.S event was so successful that it received the “Big Dream Award” from The National Association of Campus Activities. SGA has developed committees that are assigned to a specific category according to student organizations. These committees have helped student organizations become more active in the University. Food trucks have also been another addition to the campus, as every other Tuesday a new food truck comes to give variety to the students. There are more improvements to come as Robinson announced he is running a campaign at a chance to be reelected for his second term as SGA’s President. He claimed that even if he does not win, he still plans to be active within the University. He also released the news that Roscoe Blue’s wife is RAVEN BLUE! The wedding time and date have not been decided. Robinson is a very smart and successful man and when we asked him about the controversy of having a Black History Month, his political stand was impactful. He thinks that is important to have a Black History Month, but not because we need to praise the black community, but to remember it as a part of American history. “I think African Americans are a big part in building America, and 28 days is the least to say we acknowledge you and we thank you.” Christopher Robinson has positively impacted the University and he wants the students to know that his success would not have been possible without their support. He has made history for the black community at OLLU and for the student population as well. Robinson has a good chance to get re-elected for next year and his presence only helps the University grow and enhance.

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