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SAN ANTONIO- Our Lady of the Lake University Police Chief is back on campus! Last year, Chief Ramon Zertuche was deployed to Bahrain, which is a small island located south of Saudi Arabia. When his family first found out about this, they did not take the news pretty well, but they learned to embrace it. This was his fifth and last deployment and is set to retire in Jan.

“Coming back to the initial campus itself and seeing everybody at the airport and Friday being my first day was just great, said Chief Zertuche.”

After a year, he returned back to home and is ready to continue working on campus. His first day back on campus, faculty, staff and students greeted him upon his return and an event prayer was made in his honor. 

“Well since he has taken over as Chief of police, he has brought a lot of recognition with this department. He has implemented a lot of policies that help keep the students safe at the residence hall, said Jeffrey Allen, the Director of Infrastructure Services for I.T. Department.”

Faculty and staff gather at Constantinue Chapel to make an opening prayer to the Chiefs return on campus. 

“Coming back to the community is great. I had a lot of support from the community while I was gone. Pretty much every month I had a care package from a different department and that was wonderful, said Chief Zertuche.”

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