By Sara A. Mckinney

SAN ANTONIO– When living on campus and having to stay up to study for exams or to finish homework, students are more than likely to get hungry and want something to eat and snack on. The C-Store is able to give students snacks and frozen dinner that is able to be purchased with their meal plans. Changes to the C-Store has caused a stir to the OLLU community. Students now have many healthier options for frozen food, and are able to buy fresh vegetables. .

With the new additions added to the C-store, it has caused some things to leave. The things that have left the C-store include it’s large selection of chips. Among the large selection of chips, it appears that a few of the frozen food selections have been traded for something else.

When asked about her thoughts on the changes to the C-store, student Katelin Shamy says she likes “that now there are healthier options to choose from” but does not like that it “took over the C-store”. Other students like Leilah Tokmehdash want to “know why there suddenly is fresh vegetables, and why it took over the area where the chips used to be” because it causes less snacking options. Both Shamy and Tokmehdash said they both would go to the c-store regularly last year for frozen food but majority of the time was for a late night snack. Since speaking with these students, there has been a addition of smaller sized chip bags.

When asked about the changes, the Director of Dining Services, Shaun Comeaux, said “all of the changes that were made were based off of compiled feedback from the annual focus group we hold on campus called ‘On Site Insight’. We invite all of the campus community, students, faculty and staff to attend and give us feedback on how things are going and what everyone would like to see improved.” When the next On Site Insight event is scheduled it will be posted on the “Dine on Campus” app, and in the dining halls.

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