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By Jonathan Alvear SAN ANTONIO—Not many know of the Moye Retreat Center, but it holds many of the famously known A.C.T.S retreats and has also been used by OLLU organizations for retreats. 2016 has over 40 retreats booked at the Moye Retreat Center, almost one for every weekend of the year. It’s an incredible great gift this center has been to all those that have used this facility and its all thanks to the Sisters of Divine Providence, also known as the Congregation of Divine Providence (CDPs). On October 11, 2015, the CDPs had their 17th annual Heritage Day. The event was hosted by the CDPs and many different activities took place. Sr. Gloria Ann Fiedler stated that “Heritage Day [consisted] of having arts and craft for children and adults, a barbeque plate sale, a raffle drawing, a silent raffle, music and many different kid-friendly events”. The money made during this event will help keep the Moye Retreat Center up and running. Gloria Urrabazo, Vice President for Mission and Ministry, described the event as “a celebration for the CDPs, [and] a way to celebrate with the community for the work of the CDPs”. The Moye Retreat Center is located in Castroville, TX, and any other information about the retreat center can be found at their website:
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