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Photo credit: Everyday Health Photo of Hernandez (dressed in all black) at The Watcha! Film Series in honor of Women’s History Month.
By: Okpe Patience Nene SAN ANTONIO- Playing sports can bring peace, unity and love between players, countries, coaches and teams. In its essence sports eliminates discrimination in race, gender, age and stereotypes among people. However, sports are no longer meeting its objectives of peace, love, unity, but serve as a platform where violence can be expressed passionately. This issue can be analyzed in by looking at three components of every sports event: the fans, the nature of the game, and the players. The first category is the fan. The fans are the most committed people that makes the game of sport interesting. The fans are extremely passionate about whoever they are supporting, their support is like a fire that lights up the energy of players and teams. The fans create more opportunities for teams to develop the game, to keep progressing and increase revenue for team owners. On the side of violence, fans can be uncontrollable and get easily upset especially if the team they are supporting are not meeting their needs or expectation. Sports involve competitiveness, pressure and the goal to win. The nature of any sport has its way of expressing violence. In football, the nature of the game is intense, scary and with enough contact violence can easily be expressed. Examining basketball, it is difficult to avoid contact because the game is a contact sport. And in the case of volleyball many people thinks there’s no contact but teammates have their own contacts and conflicts. ‘Sports is a game specifically between humans not animals. The various games have their own contact in one way or the other which might lead to fighting or grudges among each other, but sometimes if their feelings are not well managed and controlled it tagged violence. Furthermore, in the case of players violence has led to major injuries like knee and concussions that they may not be able to recover from,’’ said Destinee Kings. The final category is the player. The players are the most energizing factors for sports violence. They are often unable to control their feelings, and emotions in the field of play. ”I do not think sports violence is a big problem, the problem is how the world chooses to view it. Most people always get violent when the game is not going as planned, it is normal to have misunderstandings with your fellow teammates and sometimes coaches, they want the best for you and by doing that they get a little intense with the way they say things to the players,” said Atosu Upe.  
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