Is Listening To Audiobooks Really Reading?

April 12, 2018

By Chloe M. Brown There has been some debate on whether listening to an audiobook should count as reading. The classic arguments are that you are not sitting down reading the book, there is no physical book in your hands, how can this be considered reading? However, let’s challenge the classical view and understand why […]

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To Arm, Or Not To Arm: That Is The Question?

March 27, 2018

Our Lady of the Lake Political Science Professor shares her perspective on the proposal that would allow teachers to carry guns on campus

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Oscar Predications By Lake Front Staff

March 3, 2018

By Destiny Camacho and Chloe M. Brown SAN ANTONIO—The 90th Annual Academy Awards airs March 4, 2018. The ceremony will be hosted by Jimmy Kimmel starting at 7 p.m. on ABC. The Academy Awards are otherwise known as the Oscars, which is the nickname for the golden statuettes handed out to the winners. A Brief […]

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Why Your Textbook Should Be More of A Priority Than Your Valentine.

February 1, 2018

By Alexa Saavedra SAN ANTONIO—Will the professor even use the textbook? Can I pass the class without it? A new semester means new textbook request from our professors. We dabble on the idea if we should or should not spend the money on the textbook listed on our course syllabus. I’m sure we’ve all had […]

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Balancing Your Spiritual Life During Your College Years

January 23, 2018

4 Ways to Maintain Your Faith as a Student

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Veganism In San Antonio

October 26, 2017

By Chloe M. Brown SAN ANTONIO—Being vegan during the holidays, especially in San Antonio is not easy. As one of the few people on campus that don’t eat meat and the only one in the office that is a vegetarian, I am the now the guru on all non-meat topics. So how does San Antonio […]

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The Art of Shipping

April 1, 2017

By Chloe M. Brown SAN ANTONIO—There are two sides of the world. The normal people and the nerds. Now this article isn’t going to go all Hot Topic and state “Normal is only a button on a washing machine.” This article is about the rare occurrence that is Fandom and the world it has created for younger […]

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You Get A Participation Ribbon For Reading This

April 1, 2017

By Chloe M. Brown SAN ANTONIO—Millennials. By this point in time, people are extremely tired of hearing this word, this common slander, the epitome of hate for anyone forty and above. But who is a millennial? It was never set clear who a millennial is. So, since –as a millennial- I’m already obsessed with technology, […]

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Don’t Drink And Fiesta

April 26, 2016

By Jessica Ortiz SAN ANTONIO—Fiesta, such a wonderful time of the year for all San Antonio, classes get cancelled and best of all, mostly everyone gets a free holiday. It is a time of celebration for everyone, a time to spend with friends and family, and a time to enjoy a few cold drinks. But […]

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At What Age Should People Start Drinking?

February 22, 2016

By Chloe M. Brown SAN ANTONIO—In America, the whole drinking age limit is a controversial subject. Questions such as why is it so high, should it be lower, why is the age limit so drastically different from foreign countries, often float around this conversation. However, what most people do not take into consideration is that […]

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